About ChaChanged

Has the following ever happened to you:

You looked for someone and could no longer find them because...
  • they got married and changed their last name
  • they moved and you don't have their new address
  • they changed their phone number and you can't find where you wrote their new number down
  • you sent them an email and it returned to sender because they changed their email
  • your phone number is changing and you’re not sure everyone was notified

You get the idea.

Enter ChaChanged

We link your outdated [past, future, and present] contact info with your current contact info.


Contact info that you used to use but no longer do can be listed with a link to the current data. When a blast from your past searches for your outdated data, they will find it along with your current data.


If your contact info is going to change, go ahead and list it now so that when the time comes, you’re covered. Use the comment section to mention the date when the contact info will become current.


If you just want to list a contact info to say “Here I am” so that people searching for you will find you, create a contact info with only previous values and leave out the current data; alternatively, enter the same data as both the previous and current values. Searches are done on previous values only so if your previous data is listed, it will be found.

We are now in Public Beta

Let us know via the contact form if you find any issues. We would really appreciate it. There are a few important differences between when we’re in Public Beta and finally, Production Release:
  • First, rest assured that your data is safe and will not be affected
  • Searching is always free
  • Creating up to 10 Contact Infos is always free
  • Once in Production Release, then there will be a charge for each Contact Info over 10

So… while in Beta, go ahead and create as many Contact Infos as you like – it’s on us.
Once in Production Release, then there will be a charge to create new Contact Infos over your 10 (editing, deleting is always free). For most people, 10 should be more than enough, right?

A tip on maximizing your allocation of free Contact Infos:

Whenever possible, use the “Full” subcategory.
For example, instead of creating 2 Contact Infos: one for your first name and one for your last name, create one Full Name contact info. Your first and last name will still be saved the exact same way and will return in the search the same way.